The coaching process leads to the identification of personal values and resources and assists in the development of the appropriate attitudes and behaviors to achieve a specific objective.

The proposed coaching support is mainly suited to managers with a view to developing their personal skills, their wellbeing at work, or to overcome issues encountered in the professional environment.

  • Strengthen self-confidence in specific professional situations
  • Successfully take on new responsibilities
  • Efficient communication within the team
  • Overcome a conflicting situation
  • Fully assume responsibilities while taking care of one’s health and one’s entourage
  • Rebound following lay-off, etc.

One Way :

  • Provides a confidential environment in a climate of respect and confidence
  • Provides a non-judgmental approach to the individual and facilitates the coaching process by active listening and questioning
  • Uses a step by step approach to support and encourage the person to achieve their objective
  • Professional coaching is provided to businesses and individuals in French and English