In a rapidly evolving business world, defining his/her achievements, strengths and weaknesses, capabilities and behaviors, offers an opportunity to the individual who approaches a skill assessment to benefit from a personal capital which allows him/her to manage varying situations, play down the level of difficulty, be open to opportunities which arise and be free to make the right choices.

  • Analyze professional career and achievements
  • Identify personal, technical and functional skills
  • Identify values, sources of motivation, preferences
  • Define a professional objective and a development plan
  • Draw up a resume
  • Approach the job market
  • Simulate job interviews

One Way :

  • Proposes a methodology which helps the process of personal analysis
  • Develops a personalized program
  • Provides solid experience in skill evaluation and recruitment
  • Offers coaching skills and tools adapted to the specific needs
  • Skill assessment is provided to businesses and individuals in French and English